Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Nails.

Picked up some new polish a while back at the drug store. Here are more polka dot nails for Easter.

They are Sally Hansen hard as nails Xtreme wear,
colours are from left to right:
Fuchsia flower
Marine scene
Mellow yellow
Sun kissed
Green with envy

The base coat is the pink and I made dots with the rest of the colours using a stylus tool or dotter. You could use a sharpened pencil for the dots if you don't have a fancy tool. I finished everything off with two top coats of Ez Flow fast finish top coat.

Polka dots are probably the best design for those of us who have a hard time painting both hands evenly. Dots are way more fun when they're irregular anyway.

Fast, fun and festive!

Hope you get a few days off this weekend to relax and enjoy.

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