Monday, February 28, 2011

Mr. Jimmy's Magical Shirt from Simplicity 4760.

Picked up this ridiculous (ranunculus) at the grocery store. It's pretty much my very favorite flower. I really like the layers and layers of ultra soft petals. Wish I had better luck growing them here.

I finally used the great mushroom fabric I got from Hootcouture . I used the Simplicity pattern # 4760 to make Mr. Jimmy's retroish shirt. I had to alter it quite a bit to make it work. We went with shirt B, the short sleeve with a front bib in yellow on the cover.

I added mushroom fabric all over this shirt according to the wishes of a certain manfolk. I added it to the top collar and bib. I had to make a back bib to match and we cuffed the sleeves and the pockets.

We picked the contrasting fabric out together and drove the ladies at Fabric and crazy for an hour while we decided. We have fun there! It's like a date day for us.
(We really do have to get out more!)

Here it is all finished. I didn't put a tag in this one. His shirts usually have a little tag in the back that say "a Mr. Jimmy Original". Maybe I'll add it later......
I still have scads of both fabrics for a project for me later. Can't wait to get started!

Here is Mr. Jimmy being blurry and really showing some appreciation for his magical shirt. I think he likes it!


SA said...

That is a truly righteous shirt...

Anonymous said...

LOL at mr. jimmys expression. thats hilarious. nice shirt, id love to have one of those.

Kellie Mowat said...

HA! He still has that expression every time he wears it.