Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Let the Redecorating Begin...... and meatloaf man.

Yesterday I bought the PERFECT retro piece for our dining room. Mom and Auntie J found it at the local Sally Anne (Salvation Army Thrift Shop for those not in the know). I am completely in love with it. They delivered the piece for twenty dollars..... unfortunately they broke the glass and smashed the front lip of the credenza. I'm going to have to find someone local who cuts glass and finishes it so I can have new doors made. I'm not sure what I'll do about the front lip of the bottom piece. They have refunded the shipping cost and offered to take some money off the purchase price but it's a charity shop so I'll deal with the loss. I will also remember in the future that the delivery people from thrift shops may not consider their cargo as precious as I do. It may be smart to find my own means of transporting large pieces in future.

Here is the piece in it's natural environment.

I really do love it. I hope I can get the blemishes fixed. Anyone out there know how to replace the melamine trim? Or where to find melamine trim from the fifties?

for your viewing pleasure
is Maggie's


Before the sauna.

and after.
He was delicious!

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