Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas Nails and a Random Goldfish

I removed the gel nails last night and decorated my natural nails for Christmas.
They've grown a heap!
I don't believe that wearing nail enhancements ruins your natural nails, I believe that removing the fake nails by ripping them off ruins your nails.
Gel nails should be soaked in gel remover,and acrylic nails need to be carefully filled off.

I did a red sparklie french tip then added green, silver and white diagonal stripes with white dots at the smile line. Then I coated the whole thing in two coats of clear polish.

Here are the blue swirly tips embedded in longer clear sparklie tips. I added a goldfish to my thumb just to be silly.

A blurry goldfish close up shot.

Gonna spend the weekend baking cookies!

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