Saturday, October 9, 2010

Halloween Nail Break

It was a busy week of making things.
Most of the things were costume related and I'll post progress pictures tomorrow after turkey time. I can't wait, after having the whole gallbladder experience this year I am very grateful for turkey time. All that gravy and dressing and crisp golden turkey skin. So excited!!!

I made some more Hallowenie nails. These ones were inspired by Endora (playeed by Agnes Moorhead), Samantha Steven's Mother on Bewitched. Thanks to my Brother (Thanks Wade!) I've been enjoying the entire series. Endora wears this purple and green combination when relaxing and she has the most shocking orange hair. I'll have to be her for Halloween one year. She is fabulous!
I made the smiling Jack o lanterns and the bats that glow in the dark out of FIMO clay canes. I purchased the gels from Nail de Royale. I chose their ibd soak off gel kit called Paradise. The colours are perfect for Halloween, two fabulous greens, a red orange, an almost neonie purple, the darkest navy blue, and a golden yellow. My first time with soak off gels. I'll let you know how I make out.

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