Sunday, July 25, 2010

ZOMBIE SHOES!!! & new gel nails..........

Maggs and I were bored today so we decided to make these!!!

Maggie's are the top pair and mine are the bottom.

These are the inspiration! They are
We have wanted these shoes forever but couldn't afford to get both of us a pair and getting just one pair seemed unfair.

Our colours may be a little bright but we love them. These are mine.

These are Maggie's. Hers started out as black flats from Pay Less shoes for 20 bucks.

We still have to add some bows but aren't they cute?

Here are the new Gel Nails!!!!
first time using the gels. I've been using acrylic powder and liquid for two decades. I like the gels loads. No smell, not as much filing. I'll miss the 3D roses though have to figure that out. Maybe I'll use both.

I did every nail different. Wanted to experiment as much as I could.

HA! I still have green on me from the Zombie shoe painting, and it looks like Sebastien is interested in something across the road. Do you prefer gels or L&P?
Let me know what you think.

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