Monday, May 3, 2010


Ok..... I know..... Too much bling! But I couldn't help it. Maggie was there eggin me on.
The camera is back!
I have to play with it a bit the blurriness is my fault, not the camera. Working on it.

Despite the excessive cheesiness of these nails, I really like them. Like little disco balls on my fingertips. We'll see how long they last at the day job. I give em about three hours before all the stones are off.

They are the same sparkle tips as last time. I just did a fill with the pink mix I made, removed the lemon slices and added little white flower stickers........ oh and a ton of rhinestones.

Maggs has been trying her steady artistic hand at nail art also. Here are her bedazzled nails. She still chews, but not as often because of the polish.

Her toes match her nails. So cute!

Here are my toes right now. I did them about two weeks ago. The baby toes are acrylic, I don't have toenails there so much as nubbins. The polish is pink insta dry and a white striper polish for the dots and smile lines. The bows are white acrylic with rhinestones embedded in the middle. Yeay, summer toes!

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Anonymous said...

beautiful toes! kinda hot... ;)