Monday, February 1, 2010

Some nail art using polymer clay canes.

Just thought I'd show you what we are using the polymer clay canes for. Here are some pics of nail designs we've done in the last few weeks using the cane slices.
I'll add new designs as we get them done so you can get more ideas.

I dared the stiletto nail. (They were shortened to a more manageable length for work) But I love them!!!

The roses are pretty simple cane work in black and red sparkle.

These are some tiny hearts done using the same techniques. They belong to my teen daughter. She is a nail chewer. I had to elongate her natural nail bed, then add the extension then the design then an overlay.

I hope they last, her nails are so small. We're hoping they'll have a chance to grow out a bit under all that acrylic.

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