Thursday, February 28, 2013

Marsgraphic and Translucent Clay

I like to experiment.
My favorite days start out with me not knowing how things will turn out.
I wanted to try some more media mixing with my fimo effect clay and the Marsgraphic markers.
Here's how one of the experiments turned out.
Hope it gets your Mad Scientist curious.

I used:

I conditioned and rolled out a sheet of translucent fimo to the thickest setting on my pasta machine, about 1/4 cm thick. I used the natural shape of the Marsgraphic brush tip to create daisy petals in clusters.

I also used the brush shape of these markers to create leaves. I dabbed in some yellow centers and made some orange tufts with the very end of a brush tip.

I let the marker dry a bit and rolled out some more translucent fimo at the thinnest setting on my pasta roller.
I very carefully set this new very thin layer over the drawn on clay. I tried to keep out trapped air and tried to avoid smudging the flowers.

I rolled over the two layers to seal them up completely and create one solid piece. The thinner the top layer is the better you'll be able to see the design underneath. It's also pretty important to get rid of all the air trapped between the two layers.

I cut out some different shapes using cutters. Some of the shapes were baked over teeny light bulbs (like the hollow beads I made here), others were backed with contrasting clay to make them a bit bulkier.
I baked all the pieces in a preheated 230 degree oven for 20 minutes and allowed them to cool off before the next step.

I added texture to a thick sheet of translucent clay using one of STAEDTLER's texture sheets and placed the domed baked piece over it. I cut around the piece and gently pressed the two pieces together at the edges.

I smoothed the edge of the unbaked clay over the baked piece and re-baked it for another 20 minutes at 230 degrees.

I added some silver leaf and silver powder to the hollow in the pendant and varnished the heck out of it. It looks like a piece of glass or enamel work. I think I'll use it as a focal bead with the new Czech glass beads I ordered from FiveSisters on Etsy. I'm a HUGE fan. I like to shop in colour groups. I set my cart up with everything I think is pretty and then thin it out to three or four colours I feel like playing with for the next season of crafting. Say hi from me if you visit. 

I also made some plain old tile beads and really varnished the heck out of these too.
I'm going to have to experiment with this process more. I really enjoyed it.
Hope you try it too.
Let me know what happens.


Unknown said...

awesome blog! so inrpiring fimo creatins:) definitely a new follower <3

Anonymous said...

another cool the lightbulbs...they dont explode in the oven??? I assume you used burned out bulbs...also how do I sub to your site for updates???

liking what you are working at!

Kellie Mowat said...

Hey there!
I did use a burnt out bulb. I think the temps are low enough that the chances of the glass breaking are minimal.... but i's probably best to bake in a pan with sides and be careful when removing it from the oven.
If you go to the bottom of this page, you will see a join this site button. It's blue. Just click it and follow the directions.