Sunday, March 18, 2012

Pillows and Pals.....Cake and Computers..... or, There's Someone at the Backdoor!

Lynne and Neil just posted this photo of the finished bed including the pillows we made here. It also includes a shot of a textural acrylic painting I did years ago and almost forgot about. It's a perfect setting, calm and serene. Makes me want to cuddle up and snuggle in.

Every once and a while (too long in between) we will have a crafty day / dinner party with some close friends. Today was a day like that and it was a gorgeous day for it. Sunny and warm. We shared some drinks and ideas and some good food (too much good food!) and ended up with very productive day.

This is what Lynne and I made! The fabric in the back is what we were trying to co ordinate. The couch under the pillows just happened to be the same colours. 
Lynne usually comes prepared with planned out ideas of what she wants to create. This time it was four pillow covers. She brought some fabrics she saved from shortening curtains and we raided my fabric stash. We even included some fabric that we used to make the boys vests at her wedding. We sketched out some plans and included measurements. 

Measured six times and cut once...... Sewing math can be complicated. We had nine pieces for the front panel on one pillow and we had to account for seam allowances between every fabric change. But we totally succeeded! It was perfect and we love it!

We just made sure to make it a little bit bigger than we needed and trimmed off what we didn't need. It's much easier to take away than add. 

I think Lynne came up with some pretty cool designs and the colours are great together. We even matched up the grain in the linen. There was a shot through the fabrics at even intervals and we managed not to bung up keeping it all even.
Brace your self.....
This next picture isn't for the faint of heart.

Men reading instructions!!!!!!!
The fabulous Neil of LOD Consulting is our go to computer guy.
He is pretty much a wiz! Mr. Jimmy consulted him about building a new computer and the parts came in last week. The boys spent the day putting it all together and then started on Mom's computer...... Mom's is going to take a bit more than a day unfortunately, but we're working on it. Before she knows it she'll have a new computer all filled up with family photos and art pictures. 
Maggs whipped up another one of her delicious deserts. I don't know how she does it. No recipe. Just throws stuff in a bowl, decorates it and voila..... she's made another drool worthy delectable. This one is a chocolate orange cake with Orange and condensed milk glaze.
It was a really great day. We have to make this a more than once a year deal.

Hope you guys are having a great weekend too!

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