Saturday, July 13, 2013

Peachy Swiss Dot Tunic Dress with Fimo Buttons

I used translucent Fimo effect to seal the colour in and make it permanent.
I found this dotty Swiss to go with them and it reminded me of being a little girl. I made another house dress. 

I really do like making and wearing this Simplicity 3750. I always make it much longer than the pattern so I can wear it as a dress. I also usually add pockets.

I gathered the center of each pocket instead of adding elastic like I've done in the past. This gave me the perfect place to add some decorative buttons. I think I'm going to be making more buttons. I really like the idea of using the extra patterned clay leftover from projects to cut some buttons to put away for future sewing.  

I added a couple buttons to the corners of the square neckline too.

Here's a shot of the back. I like the waist tie very much. I wore this to my bestie's for dinner and after over indulging in some delicious home made potato chips and burgers all I had to do was loosen the bow and there was loads of room for some chick pea choco chip cookies. So delicious! I'll have to steal her recipe to share with you.

I also made some little rosettes or yo yos to add to my shoes. I traced two circles onto the fabric using a drinking glass and cut around them. Then I gathered the edges of the circles with a double strand of thread.

I pulled the threads and flattened the little pouch to make a pinwheel or poof.

Then I sewed one to the outside edge of each shoe with a fimo button in the center.


Too matchy?
I can't help it...... There really is no stopping me once I get started.

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